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Griffins are a rare creature that are found in many places on Arda. There are many variances in their coloring and plumage that depend on where they live. They are very noble creatures and are greatly respected by the natural races on Arda.

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ShadowFlight- Mate: none ( has crush on ShimmerHawk) Offspring: none. Flies in the darkness, excellent hunter, is feared but inside is a careful heart.

Hippogriff vs Griffin | Gryphon/Hippogryph RP! *~Join Today~*

Percy Jackson Challenge Day Favorite monster would be gryphons/griffins, which are half lion, half eagle.

Aaron Blaise

Here's a couple of sketches done using the new pencil brushes in I love them. Very natural feeling.AND you can control their softness so that they actually erode!

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Not sure I'd like to be the one breaking Gryphons... and there might be a muzzle involved...

Art by Sonikissed - The eldar elves of the House of Rancmeloth are renowned griffon riders, born with a special connection to the creatures