8.) something abnormally large-  Meet the World's Biggest Rabbit "Herman"  This rabbit's name is Herman and he lives with his owner, Hans Wagner, in Berlin, Germany. German Giants are domestic rabbits.  They do not exist in the wild and can live as long as 12 years. Herman can eat a bale of hay per week. He weighs in at 22 lbs and measures a little over 3 feet. Just a "Hare" bigger than all the rest of the bunnies.

10 Things You Wouldn't Expect Bunnies To Do

He caught the Easter Bunny! My name is Herman and I am a Big German Giant Rabbit. (I suspect Herman will be forever traumatised by Easter

DIY Easter or Trick or Treating Basket using a dollar store basket and some tulle. (Could also use as flower girl basket.)

DIY Easter Basket using a dollar store basket and some tulle. (Could also use as flower girl basket). Doesn't necessarily need be dollar store basket, but i really like the tutu part

From Elizabeth Dunker of One Fine Day Hama bead baskets, which were common in Sweden in the '70s.

From Elizabeth Dunker of One Fine Day "This is my collection of Hama bead baskets. This is the most beautiful way to use Hama beads in my opinion. I'm always on the lookout for these baskets, which were common in Sweden in the

Easter treat basket. These would be cute for the kids' friends!! Even a cute b day gift idea.

Edible Easter Basket-cool idea for older kids who feel they are too old for a basket but still want candy

Money Soap Gift

20 Fun Ways to Give Money As a Gift

Color coordinated Easter egg hunt. You can only collect your color of egg - stops one kid from getting all the eggs - must remember this...

So smart! Color coordinated Easter egg hunt, kids only collect one color egg. This would be perfect when you have kids that are different ages. ***Same age kids could have same color eggs

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These will be my Easter gifts mason jar easter chocolate gift filled with eggs , chicks a chocolate bunny Can put colored Krispie treats in bottom or use colored coconut in the bottom.

Fun Lego Easter Basket Ideas

15 Creative Easter Basket Ideas for Kids and Teens

Lego Easter Basket with Eggs 40017 Includes a LEGO Easter basket with 4 buildable eggs. Measures wide and tall. Makes a great holiday gift for

PAPER SMILES: Criss Cross Basket Tutorial

Here's that Tutorial I promised to show you for my Criss Cross Easter Basket. The finished size is 2 x square, just the right size for on.

Easter carrots filled with Cheetos...super cute!

Easter carrots filled with Cheetos. Use can use green crepe paper to. Another way, use orange construction paper to cover a colorizing book or bigger items. Them add green stem}

This is an easy and quick Easter craft of making pom pom bunny. They are perfect and adorable additions to any Easter basket. To make these lovely pom-pom bunnies you will require yarn, pom-pom makers, beads, small white pom-poms, felt, transparent plastic thread and glue. Pinterest Facebook Google+ reddit StumbleUpon Steps Start by making two …

How to Make Pom-pom Bunny

Cadbury Egg Bark - a great way to use up extra Easter candy from The Girl In The Little Red Kitchen

Cadbury Egg Bark

Community Post: 12 Amazing Dessert Recipes That Are Made With Cadbury Creme Eggs