grunge green, my highlights are really similar to this and green's one of the few colors i havent tried... hopefully this is my next look

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Dark green dyed hair grunge style

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Sky Ferreira Soft Grunge Dyed Hair -

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i feel like whenever i'm online no one else is but when i'm not everyone and their mother decides to come on here -_-

Hey little girl is your daddy home or did he go away and leave you all alone

I N S T A G R A M @EmilyMohsie

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I'm now a confirmed goth. Too bad I'm too apathetic to care... :):

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This color is gorgeous. -v- "When I first met you I saw darkness in my once enlightened life but I stayed there anyways because I learnt to love the dark and sitting there in your milky white arms." -I left My Heart on the Bowery

Nice close up pose and hairstyle very indie. I like the black and white looks quite vintage

Coiffure,faire un carré dégradé sur le devant ou derrière

Single Grace Portrait [ hair / style / outfit / indie / girl / black and white / B&W / cheekbones / leather jacket / floral / eyebrows ]