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Media Art Design 4 - Project November 2012 - Fake Swimming pool installation in Japan by Erlich Empty space topped with thin layer of water over transparent glass

I know this is scary, but  its kinda cool too

megalodon was a prehistoric shark that conservative estimates place at around 16 metres ft) long. For scale, the biggest example of the largest living fish species today -- the whale shark -- was metres ft).

Perfectly timed photos shark

Top 40 Perfectly Timed Photos

Funny pictures about Breaking The Water Surface Tension. Oh, and cool pics about Breaking The Water Surface Tension. Also, Breaking The Water Surface Tension photos.

There's always a chance it's a fake like the famous "Hurricane Irene/Puerto Rico street shark"  but the story is that the floods in Thailand brought Bull sharks in from the harbors and up local streets, creating a hazard for pedestrians - you decide!

This doesn't look possible but it is. After Hurricane Irene went through Puerto Rico in a shark decided to go swimming down the street. Can you imagine? SHARKNADO IS REAL.

Megalodon - Google 검색

World's biggest shark will starve if he keeps focusing on eating puny surfer dudes

Sawfish- omg!! I had no idea these existed... Another reason not to go into the ocean!

It's a nope fish, in it's natural habitat, the NeverEverGoingThere river, in the middle of southwest NOPIDTY NOPE NOPE!

White Shark: "Hunting!"                              (Photo By: Alfred Weissenegger on 500px.)

White Shark Hunting by (Alfred Weissenegger). This is also a photo representation of me when I get 'hangry'.

Thunder Wave

Thunder Wave

Paper: x Image: 12 x 16 Powerful ocean wave crashes like thunder on a rugged seacoast. You can almost feel the cool splash of it's rushing water.

breaching shark pictures | great white shark breaching off the coast of South Africa Photo ...

Demon Fish by Juliet Eilperin: review

A great white shark breaching at Seal Island, False Bay, South Africa.


Look at the size of this shark next to the guy in the kayak. Not sure this guy will fond it awesome though lol

Stunning underwater photos revealed as 'Our World' contest winners

The weekend in pictures

"Make Room for Me!" Eden Rock, Grand Cayman Photo by Amanda Nicholls Amazing Underwater Photography