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Violet base hair colour

Depending on your undertone (especially after bleaching--hello brassy oranges and yellows) choose a toner or hair color with the correcting tone as its base.

The Level System: Hair Levels and Undertones

Killer Strands Hair Clinic: 'Tones' In The Level System of Hair Color : Part 2 ~ yep 7 and when I lift color it goes bright orange.

Color Wheel For Skin | Best Makeup Tutorials

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Get the best makeup tutorials from the web. These DIY tutorials include makeup tips for eye makeup, face makeup, contouring tips, lipstick & beauty basics.

dos and dont's of diy hair coloring

The color wheel applied to hair dye and toner selection. Tip: to cancel out unwanted tones and pigment, choose the color opposite the unwanted pigment as a toner. Violet cancels out brassy yellow tones, blue and green negate orange and red.

Hair color option for Aranyai probably a mix of purples and greens and darker…

Hair color option for Aranyai -a mix of purples and greens and darker greens, deep sea or maybe space colors

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Color Wheel Project - the melted wax will splatter and go where you don't want it so be careful

Prismacolor Color Wheel

Prismacolor Color Wheel--love this one because it illustrates the corresponding hues. This was created by Janet Bionda.

Christina Hendricks's vivid red

The Ultimate Celebrity Hair Color Wheel

Secondary Colors:  A color resulting from mixing 2 primary colors.  EX - Purple, Green, and Orange

Do you ever struggle with which colors to pick when coloring your mandalas? Do you find yourself reaching for the same colors? In this week’s post I share with you an introduction to color design theory.

Color Theory Chart - beautifully simply way to learn this! (I used to use opposites via the color wheel to correct scans of stained photos - I learned about this theory from a lady with a raspberry stain over half her face - she used green tint before applying base)

30 Cheatsheets & Infographics For Graphic Designers

Use the colour wheel as the basis for a single colourfull illuration that could be tessellated across the wrapping paper? color theory chart - beautifully simply way to learn this (plus the fact that I suck at combining colors LOL!

blue and orange color whe | color wheel, the complement pairs are red and green, orange and blue ...

Using Complements to Create Depth and Control Saturation

blue and orange color whe | color wheel, the complement pairs are red and green, orange and blue ...