2012 e as Ylusões do [ ]: Desenho comparando EVOLUÇÃO QUADRUPEDES e  Bípeds ...

Edit How To Draw Unguligrade Bipeds: Advanced Course /Edit One of my biggest peeves in fantasy art is seeing perfectly good--amazing, even! How To Draw Unguligrade Bipeds (IE: Hoofed People)

Sawyer, Isidor, Aerick, and Elijah

Both Aerick and Elijah are competing sportscentaurs, but what about Isidor? Completely green is what. Green and very very afraid that he’ll hurt Sawyer.

Jean and Marco in class making bad puns. The art style for this is really good.

Jean and Marco in class making bad puns. The art style for this is really good. ←that's hilarious XDDDD also, that face Marco makes is now my favourite

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Glass balls.

Be the boy] I drop one accidentaly that says, "Jason" I look at the glass as a he appears. I gasp as you apear. You looked confused." You say to me.

Donkey the "group leader" as horses wander down Calgary road - News - Horsetalk.co.nz

Appeals court grants temporary order preventing US horse slaughter

Kids of the big three of the quest and their horses---- I love this so much-not mine

The Heroes of Olympus & their equestrian friends. Percy with Blackjack, Jason with Tempest, and Hazel with Arion.

Halb Mensch, halb Pferd (05/2009)

Gallen - Switzerland and Caslano - Switzerland all tagged pictures from outlook, people and holiday pictures and so on

Horse Sleeve Tattoo

Horse Sleeve Tattoo

Thylacine: the Tasmanian Tiger (extinct since 1936) won't lie that thing is a tad scary...probably shouldn't have put it under How cute!

10 Most Amazing Extinct Animals

Stay classy!

I don't dress half-naked for anyone's attention. I dress half-naked cuz I dress for me not you or men. Also how does dressing half-naked make you not classy 🤔.

So true! Waterworks every time!

In my history class earlier this month my teacher put on a movie about this guy in the wild who bonded with a tribe. Like half the characters died and you know what I cried at? A horse being shot and a wolf being brutally murdered ;