DIY Halloween Chandelier

DIY Halloween Chandelier

How to make a Halloween chandelier decoration using an old broken thrift store chandelier, spray paint and some dollar store decorations.

Eerie Chandelier ● Diy ● spooky spin on fall decorating, invite some faux ravens to nest in your chandelier. Secure the birds with wire, then surround them with moss fro

1-Hour Fall Crafts

Make a spooky statement in your home by building a raven's nest in the chandelier. Make the Halloween craft: Spray-paint moss (purchased from a local crafts store) white and drape across your dining room chandelier. Hot-glue faux ravens or crows in place.

Decorating our old-house’s front porch for Halloween… I lined the walkway with mason jars and tea lights, and made a DIY Halloween chandelier

Our Victorian front porch, decorated for Halloween... DIY chandelier!!

Decorating our Victorian house for Halloween… Paint & repurpose a broken old chandelier for a fun porch decoration!

Recycle an old umbrella as a haunting light fixture. Remove the fabric covering, then stretch spider webbing over the frame. Decorate with plastic spiders and battery-operated lanterns attached to the wire with S hooks. Tie rope around the handle and hang from the ceiling with a plant hook.

Creepy Halloween Decorations

Use a broken umbrella to make a chandelier. Take off the fabric of a broken umbrella then stetch cotton over it to make spiderwebs. Add some battery operated lanterns and you have a spooky chandelier!

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Moss covered chandeliers take your Halloween wedding decor up a notch.

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