Working on my very own 9' tall Jack Skellington. First project is his head...made with a beachball, paper mache, paper clay and Sculpt It. So far it's kinds rough. Hoping to smooth it out here soon with some sandpaper. First I'm giving it my patience. :) Happy Halloween!!!

Making a tall Jack Skellington - First project is his head.made with a beachball, paper mache, paper clay and Sculpt It. Smooth it out with some sandpaper.

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Easy DIY Jack Skellington costume. So rad. Love Nightmare Before Halloween!

How to create a Jack Skellington costume in 5 easy steps using only 4 products! Halloween has never been simpler.

Sminkade mig till min favoritkaraktär Jack Skellington från Nightmare before christmas igår.. Undrar varför jag inte tänkt på honom inför halloween förut.. Det man behöver här är Vit clownfärg, svart och grått fetsmink, fixeringspuder och penslar. Jag...

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Linda Hallberg Halloween make-up as jack Skellington from a Nightmare before Christmas. Absolutely f* awesome Halloween Makeup

Jack Skellington Bow Tie Tutorial

Jack Skellington Bat Bow Tie Tutorial by on deviantART (link is dead, page doesn't exist anymore, but you can still read the text on this pic!