1: Aquarium - alle Bilder können zum Vergrößern angeklickt werden /  all pics can be klicked to enlarge  Dieses schöne Aquarium mit Sonder...

it's not spoiled, it's natural but predator-free. Perfect mouse/gerbil/hamster home. The moss looks wonderful. Big nice hamster home.

Userin Wabachi aus dem Fellnasen-Forum  hat für ihren Goldhamster Dinis 3 Stockwerke in einem IKEA PAX Kleiderschrank umgebaut (Originalth...

Made from Ikea Pax units, sliding doors with glass panel behind to stop the wood shavings and hamster falling out when doors open.

DIY Guinea Pig Hutch, you can make it now

Awesome Ideas for Guinea Pig Hutch and Cages

Kaninchenstall aus Holz 115x60x56,5cm B-Ware in braun günstig ab 64,99 € bei TecTake kaufen ✓ Versandkostenfrei ✓ Lieferzeit 1-3 Werktage ✓ Käuferschutz ✓ Jetzt bestellen

Nagerkäfig aus Holz 112x58x56,5cm

TecTake Large wooden rodent cage villa hut for small animals - with three levels


This hamster cage is the Living World Green Eco Habitat made by Hagen. At this is one of the biggest hamster cages around. It has special plexi-glass sides and is made from eco-friendly recycled rubber wood.


The Ikea Detolf glass cabinet used as a rodent cage. It's quarter the price of a purpose built tank.