Hand-dyed yarn types

There are many different ways to dye yarn by hand, all giving a different effect. Let’s see the some of the types.

Hand dyed yarn - Such a gorgeous colour combination! I love the subtle greys mixed with the stark orange browns.

Hand Dyed Sock Yarn Superwash Merino Nylon Fingering Weight 100 g - Unsteady *In…

Feathery Leaves. Hand dyed yarn by Witch Candy

Hand dyed yarn by Witch Candy Reminds me of a dragonfly or hummingbird.

Coffee Break - Yowza - Babette

This colorway comes straight out of our Monday morning staff meeting: coffee, laptops, and note-taking. Tones of black and silver grey over cream join coffee-stain brown and random splatters of teal a

Bertie Bott's - Fingering / Sock Yarn

GnomeAcres specializes in hand dyed yarn, knitting & spinning tools, wooden buttons, gnotions, gnomey swag & more.

The Midwife's Garden, hand painted, hand dyed sock yarn by KaleidoscopeDyeWorks (affiliate link)

Moonlight Stroll - Yowza - Babette

Take an evening walk along a misty, rocky coastline lined with evergreen trees. Light and medium grey tones flow into sections of blackish-blue teal and pine green. This colorway can be highly variabl

A teal and plum handpainted colourway with olive green shadows with lemon yellow & gold pink reflections Superwash Merino / Silk - Approx yds) per – sock weight. Pinned by Brown n' Teal