This is the only Hank Green quote I remember from "sack of ketchup pee"

In high school people were always like "this is the best time of your life" and I was like, " It better not be" TRUTH!

I like the first one because at the bottom it says 'it's extra funny because it would never happen'

Hank Green everyone saving this to my john green board that I will soon rename the green noses

Because I don't want to make Hank Green feel left out over my lack of Hank .


Sad And Depressing Quotes :Because I don't want to make Hank Green feel left out over my lack of Hank .

John and Hank Green :D

Donald Trump Just Proved Buying Twitter Followers Works

The Green Brothers' relationship is actual sibling relationship goals - I love how they riff off each other!

John and Hank Green :)

Basically what vodka says to you

Hank understands. #petpeeves #thingsthatdrivemecrazy

Hank Green understands>>> then he complains that it was in the same book producing thingy and yeah.

Hank Green, everyone. Everyone, Hank Green. :)

Hank Green, everyone. Everyone, Hank Green. :) I just forgot the word "mirror" and called it a "face window"

Yes, if only...But it isn't an improvement  from those who turns on their blinker right when they are in midst of a turn. The roads are obviously safer with their reckless ways.

I see you were turning…

But really people not using turn signals is one of my biggest pet-peeves This is hilarious

Funny tumblr post

If anyone doubts John greens level of funny watch his crash courses in history

I teach Social Science and Call me Hank Green. My brother also works here.

Take a BERRY Break (40 photos)

John Green<<<<<< the comment that made all the nerd fighters wanting to just pray for the idiotic person. That is HANK GREEN the songwriter of I fucking love science.

I love that John and Hank Green are both on Tumblr and see these things.

the conversation below the pic and my newfound love/understand for/of the VlogBrothers. "FishingBoatProceeds is John Green. Which is why it's hilarious that's he's like "HANK!" because he had to tell his brother about this. I love the Green brothers.

Note Hank wearing Star Trek t-shirt.

Baby John and Baby Hank!««« Baby Hank is easily recognizable, but baby John looks so different!

John & Hank Green on Dr Pepper 10 (Thank you, I hated those commercials)

John & Hank Green on Dr Pepper Those commercials are so stupid. THANK YOU John and Hank! Love these guys!