Jelly Bellies~ I've been saving prescription bottles for a long time for some reason.  Now I know why!  Fill them with Jelly Bellies!!!

Candy Shop, sweets, jelly beans, confectionary and online gifts. happy pills for a sweeter world.

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Don't quite agree but it's a cute illustration Cats Anti Depressants Poster Ecological Paper by WeAreExtinct

018 || I lied to my crush that I was on my period so I didn't have to tell him I went shopping on Sunday for chocolate...

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I wish this was true. For a change I'm going to look at my meds differently, pretend they're literally "happy pills " instead of "I wish I could get off these" pills.

Oli (because like hell I'm gonna post an image of me today):: i take the pills and die because I'm a useless piece of shit that everyone hates

Mulheres felizes!!                                                                                                                                                                                 Mais

Millennialzz Reaction to Discipline: Call and pop 2 Prozacs. (will work part time occasionally pending the riot or protest.