The Most Popular Large Dog Breeds and How to Care for Them

The Great Dane breed is as lovable as it is big. Despite their great size and their original purpose of hunting large boar, Great Danes are quiet and delicate, and have been called Gentle Giant. The Great Dane dog breed is a hunting breed developed in-

Puppy. Harlequin Great Dane. Looks SO much like Toby (with tears in my eyes)  rest in peace....You left this world too soon....Mom will ALWAYS love you!

Great Dane - Patient and Friendly

Harlequin Great Danes. Having had the honor of living with two of these beautiful dogs, ( and two Fawn Great Danes as well), I can say they are the best dogs in the world. Here's to my Sadie girl, Kayla, Scarlett and Chelsea.

We've taken a vote.the Danes own the couch now. YOU get the uncomfortable dog bed on the floor. Now, go lay down. Always always wanted a Dane. they are so beautiful