Not everyone likes me, but not everyone matters.

Not everyone likes me, but not everyone matters.

Not everyone likes me, but not everyone matters. Tap the link now to see where the world's leading interior designers purchase their beautifully crafted, hand picked kitchen, bath and bar and prep faucets to outfit their unique designs.

Love, you don't know me. At all. Nothing. Zero. Don't comment as if you have a…

10 Ways to Keep Your House Clean WITH KIDS

People assume, stereotype, and gossip to make themselves feel better. Let's stop that and just spread love and kindness. Besides, we know how awful it feels to be talked about.

Top 33 jealousy quotes  #jealousy #jealousy quotes

Top 33 jealousy quotes

Haha you bitches couldn't even climb two inches before you run out of breath. You are mad because I'm doing everything you can't or won't do because you are scared.

I can and will help, but you'll need to put in honest effort or you'll never make any progress. The climbing never stops. You can only chose in what direction and in what way you climb, but the only time you stop is when you die.

Ooh, that's deep

Sad but true for most people. So glad I'm surrounded by so many strong, confident women that I don't often think if this.(everybody loves you untill you become competition)

Ain't that the truth! No one cares about your toy gun! uotes About Haters And Jealousy -

The whore that lives down the road. Focuses Right On Me ! If I'm so bad why do u do the things I do everything I do u do I make a business u try to make a business I buy a car u go buy a car lol