DIY spooky mirror, possible use in Haunted House, easy to change out images to match the year's theme. Description from I searched for this on

Front porch idea or great idea for haunted house. the real trick is to have a false wall that someone stands behind, reaching an arm through. Grab at (dont touch!( guests as they pass through.

102 Wicked Things To Do: Haunted House

You think that's just a scarecrow. That's Jeepers Creepers and he's coming for you. I'm not taking the dog out tonight. She just better cross her legs.

This would be funny to have as a prop all season and then actually put a person there on Halloween to jump out but only on the adults. That would just be mean to do to the kids

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HOMEWARDfound Decor: That's Scary, Baby! It's simply baby doll heads, painted in ghostly gray tones, swathed in gauze or netting, and then plopped into glass canister jars.

Homemade Haunted House Props | Another good idea here. They used a lot of lattice ceiling panels to ...

I survived Transworld and I HAD A GREAT TIME! To start off my report, here's a video: OK, some of the cool ideas gleaned from the video: Tim

Hung bodies walk thru...this was the first thing to EVER creep me out at a haunted house

Hung bodies walk thru.this was the first thing to EVER creep me out at a haunted house Troll Haven wedding venue, family farm and vacation rentals located in Sequim WA

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A simple Halloween decoration using a hanging ghost fashioned in the spookier manner alongside a gravestone engraved simply ‘RIP’. Nice Halloween effect indeed!

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30 Creepy Halloween Decorations Ideas