Hey Everyone. I know there are still quite a bit of Haunted Mansion Fans out there. Just wanted to set up a thread were everyone could meet see people's "Haunted Mansion" Props, have a place of help on design ideas and lighting.

I found some awesome Haunted Mansion Wall Paper. Those of you who love Disneyland and Haunted Mansion you can try this whimsical twist on Haunted Mansion Wall Paper! JUST TOOOOOO AWESOME!

Disney's Haunted Mansion Tightrope Girl by Jasmine Becket-Griffith Disneyland WonderGround Gallery big eyes gothic art Disney gallery lowbrow art Alligator

The Haunted Mansion! One of my all-time favorite rides at the Magic Kingdom. Halloween is fast approaching, so drop on by and make sure you take the Hitchhiking Ghosts home with you! Disney World Magic Kingdom printable home decor.

Spooky ears inspired by the Magic Kingdom ride Haunted Mansion! Ears are made with a custom-printed Haunted Mansion maids uniform fabric. Stephanie here's your haunted mansion stuff

Frame - Part of New Chilling, Thrilling Haunted Mansion Merchandise from Disney Parks - it would be sweet to do a cross stitch sampler of the "tomb sweet tomb" for the frame - like in the ride.

DoomBuggies celebrates the history and mystery of Disney's classic haunted dark ride, The Haunted Mansion, with interviews, multimedia, and lots of rarities and secrets.

999 Happy Haunts and Room for One More: Disney’s Haunted Mansion Infographic