La beauté simple de l'art de la table

kaleido trays by hay {objects of desire} « plenty of colour

Gorgeous storage boxes both practical and pleasing to the eye. Perfect for a little rooms and study areas.

20 Chic Ways to Organize Your Office

20 Chic Ways to Organize Your Office - Style Me Pretty Living // cute hay boxes. love the mix of pastels

HAY Pillow #productdesign -bleikan

Kule puter fra hay - Pillows are just an important part of Danish "hygge"

There can be never too many storage options when you have young children (I have a four-year-old son, so I know whereof I speak). Here is an appealing idea: a wooden hanger that resembles a gymnastics ring, created by Swedish designer Staffan Holm for Danish company Hay.

The Gym Hook