Gewusst wie: meine SINAR TICHEL wie binden von SaraAttaliDesign

Here you can get the tying instructions for your SINAR Tichel. You will get this simple written instructions and pictures.

Garlands of Grace Spring headcovering-2977

After reading 1 Corinthians I'm wondering if I should wear head coverings when praying at least? Or on a regular basis Garlands of Grace Spring

"I prayed about it (and don't feel convicted to cover)"- why you don't pray for Gods will when He has already addressed the issue in scripture

Is Head Covering “Majoring in the Minors”? Is it a Distraction?

Free E-Book: Head Coverings by K.P. Yohannan

Free E-Book: “Head Coverings” by K. If you're unsure about the practice, read this.