Toast’s “early spring” catalog has me yearning for lazy afternoons at corner cafes…particularly those in Europe! What I would give to be over there this very second! Care …

Toast to Early Spring

Christy Turlington by Brigitte Lacombe, 2003.

Christy Turlington by Brigitte Lacombe, 2003 - short hair, dark sunglasses, & lots of confidence

Wearing a headband will add a lovely touch to your stunning look, it can also hide any hair problems you have. Whether you have a long or short hair, and whatever your hair color is, you can always wear a headband in a way which suits your style. Here are 12 tutorials on how to wear the perfect headband.

12 Stunning Ideas on How To Wear Headbands

(8) Michaella Photography Bride. Pixie. Hair piece.                                                                                                                                                                                 More

27 Lovely Looks & 3 Tips For Brides With Shorter Hair

Headband twist without the headband. This is so cute and simple.

Short Hair Updos, How to Style Bobs, Lobs Tutorials