To make a basement laundry room comfortable enough that you'll want to spend time there, paint the walls a soothing color, install good lighting, and decorate like you want. #basement laundry room #basement (laundry room ideas) Tags: basement laundry room ideas, basement laundry room makeover,unfinished basement laundry room

Basement Laundry Room Decorations Ideas And Tips

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A great way to save money on utility bills is to use solar power for your home. One item that can really be useful is to have a solar thermal water heater.

A Solar Power

DIY Solar Thermal Water Heater: Free Hot Water For Life This project is super simple and uses readily available materials, its the kind of things that could easily be scaled up to meet lots of hot water needs. If you love hot water like me, this is a pro

A folding screen to hide the water heater.

A folding screen to hide the water heater.*but with fold out door pockets, so that it's useful*

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He did a great job of that

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