Hera, Goddess of Marriage. I prefer her in this photo, primarily because she looks a bit bitchy. As she should.

Hera - Deusa da Mitologia Grega

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An almost, sort of complete Greek God family tree. (Though there are wayyyy too many of them...)

The Almost Complete Greek God Family Tree

Nifty mythology-based infographics present the family trees of the Egyptian, Greek, and Norse gods and goddesses.

Hera (Olympiansrule.com)

The month of June is named after Hera's Roman name (Juno). Modern Connection: June is the most popular month for marriage.

Classic Mythology: Hera by *HanieMohd on deviantART

Hera: Greek Goddess Daughter of Kronos and Rhea Wife of Zeus and Queen of the Heavens Goddess of Women and Marriage, the Sky & Starry Heavens

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Queens and Princesses of Greek Mythology: Hera / Antigone / Medea / Clytemnestra / Andromeda / Helen / Persephone thai: name material inspiration story

Hera elle est la protectrice de la femme et la déesse du mariage, gardienne de la fécondité du couple et des femmes en couche - Will Murai

Art by Will Murai - Hera Greek Goddess of married women and childbirth. Married to Zeus.

Greek Myths - Hera Persephone/ Athena/ Artemis/ Aphrodite/ Hestia/ Demeter/ Hecate/ Selene/ Eos/ Gaia/ Asteria Gods Series

Hera was Zeus’ wife and sister; she was the supreme goddess, patron of marriage and childbirth, having a special interest in protecting married women.

The Queen. I sometimes photograph my own models when I am not designing. It’s a lot of fun

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Aedlin far left Cassaly Middle and Samarah far right

Nesta, Feyre, Elain court of mist and fury court of thorns and roses archeron archeron archeron