Artist Aki Inomata's 3D-printed acrylic shells for the hermit crab. See the entire project at <<< omg tell me you're just joking.... Holy [not so holy word]

Artist Aki Inomata designed these acrylic shells for hermit crabs. Talk about how nature and art coexists. The $10 Hermit Crab Tank Humifier

The $10 Hermit Crab Tank Humifier

DIY Hermit Crab Habitat. I think I might get one...

Use plastic containers to make a healthy habitat for your hermit crabs! Remove the lid from a plastic storage bin and fill one side with sand and the other side with soil. Hang plastic baskets on the

Hermit crab set up 3: mason jar covered with sand and filled with moss as a humid "cave"

Create a humid cave in your hermit crab or reptile's habitat! Select a jar that can easily accommodate your pet. Set the jar in your terrarium and cover the top of the jar with substrate. Put moss in

List of Foods Hermit Crabs Can Eat | eHow... Remember Hermit crabs are a Sensitive pet! They need just the right Humid habitat to live in!!

List of Foods Hermit Crabs Can Eat

Hermit crabs love to climb! Sometimes a ramp can be useful too though... #DIY -

Make a ramp for your hermit crabs! Measure a location in your crab's tank to attach a ramp. Get a piece of craft foam and draw the shape of the ramp on the foam to the measurements needed, then cut ou

Crazy New Hermit Crab Makes Its Home Inside Another Living Animal

Crazy New Hermit Crab Makes Its Home Inside Another Living Animal

Hermit crabs like to eat (and climb) pineapple!

Hermit Crabs eating a pineapple at the beach in Corcovado National Park, Costa Rica.

Hermit Crabs Paper Placemat - decor gifts diy home & living cyo giftidea

Hermit Crabs Paper Placemat

Shop Hermit Crabs Paper Placemat created by DeeringGirlsWorld.

Our hermit crab food recipe~

FunThingsToDoWithUrKidz: Home made hermit crab food (that kids can help with)