source: ohwhataparadise@tumbler

source: ohwhataparadise@tumbler

Photo (Bohemian Homes)

An industrial style loft apartment comprised of 130 square meters of living space was designed by interior designer Lev Lugovskoy, sited in Moscow, Russia.

Gallery of Whisky Bar / jbmn architectes - 2

Image 2 of 16 from gallery of Whisky Bar / jbmn architectes. Photograph by Yann Deret

Guitar Stand - Guitar Display Cabinet - Joel Paul Design - This reclaimed Oak armoire displays the finest guitar collections while ensuring they are preserved and protected using a state of the art climate control system.

Rates are far better than my community shop but that's not saying much. Specifically, our rates are as low as possible whilst shipping cost is pretty high. The greater price contains a humidor locker.

Alcohol Inks on Yupo

Rock Around the Clock Feeling too nostalgic to get rid of that old turntable? Turn it into a rocking clock. Long live vinyl, even if it’s just keeping time.

Fine Art Print on Vintage Dictionary Page - Vintage Encyclopedia Print - Upcycled Book - Salvaged Vintage Book Print

Polica za knjige u dnev.boravku

A game table claims a sunlit corner of the library (how I would love to paint the book cases in our music room to lighten it up)