Straighten Up There's nothing worse than trying to pull off a straight and sleek style, only to realize your awkward in-between bangs are not going to seamlessly blend in with the rest of your straight strands. Rosie Huntington Whiteley wore her hair in a deep side part, twisting her flat-ironed bangs back and pinning into her hair. Hide the bobby pin by draping another hair over the pin and using pins that match your hair color. And if your hair's extra shiny -- no one will notice anyway

Bangs Regret? 14 Styles to Get Fringe Off Your Face

7 Super-easy ways to make it look like you don't even have bangs - because sometimes bangs are a pain in the butt.

7 Ways to Hide Your Bangs

Growing out a fringe is annoying AF, but these hacks will banish the boyband curtains AND made you look totally fierce.

Use a scarf to tuck away your bangs.

How to wear the summer turban! I’ve been seeing ladies wear turbans and headwraps left and right this season. They seem like the perfect summer accessory that would look equally great wearing…

A double-braided hairstyle perfect for pushing back or hiding long bangs. How to get Sienna Miller's look here:

The Exact Products You Need to Get Dove Cameron's Grunge Waves

Best Hair for Hot Weather: Sienna Miller outsmarts awkward bangs by French-braiding them back on either side; keep everything else simple and tousled.

Tease your bangs slightly, then push them back toward your crown.

18 Ways To Get Your Bangs Out Of Your Face