High Pony Tutorial with Martha Lynn Kale | Photos by Kate Stafford for Camille Styles

EFFORTLESS HIGH PONY <<<<how is this effortless? effortless would be just actually putting you hair in a ponytail high on your head

Now you, too, can get that Serena Van Der Woodsen ponytail

Nifty trick to summer ponytail perfection. Probably need to cross bobby pins in the back to keep them from slipping. - Nails Art, Hair Styles, Weight Loss and More!

The Beauty Department - Lucy Hale's VMA Ponytail

Love this idea: I have to do a double ponytail anyway, why not try this? The Beauty Department - Lucy Hale's VMA Ponytail

How Come I Never Knew This. I Have Been Tying My Hair The Wrong Way All This While! | Mind Blowing Videos

Tie your hair to a fluffy pony tail: Less complicated than the video: Make 2 pony tails: a small one with a clip in-between, with the upper hair around the 1 one with a hair tie and two bobby pins.

Be Undefinable: "Some girls are just born with glitter in their veins." And on their feet! My DIY glitter project. #HerbalEssences #GotItFree

The Extra Long Pony Tail: Tie up your hair with simple rubber ring! hair styles for long hair, hair salon, hair makeup

This high ponytail is playful, sexy, and full of body! Use these tips and tricks to make yours look pretty and fresh throughout the day. #hair

Here’s a cool technique for getting all those stray baby hairs to stay in your ponytail/ creating a high pony tail that won't fall

I prob can't do this, but I'll try

Conner for those pony days. Old Fashioned Pony Tail! i usually don'tpin hair stuff. butif someone could come do thisto my hair the next timei actually get to goon a date that would be awesome.

Hair tutorial

Big Full Ponytail Hairstyle with Backcombing Tutorial - 11 Runway-Ready Ponytail Tutorials for Every Occasion – GleamItUp


For A Fuller Ponytail. Divide ponytail in half, flip hair back. Hold this section on top of your head Put clip in hair top section of hair. Don’t over do it as you want it to be a natural look. Spray your hair with a good aerosol hairspray.

How to: High Ponytail + Instant Face Lift | LustreLux

Tutorial for a slick pony with a full tail- will also give you an instant face lift! :D Give me thumbs up if you like it! If you don't wear extensions click .