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metal, nature, epic quilting, brutal crafts and extreme artwork.

"Yogi on Rishikesh" by Kike Pérez i Colomer                                                                                                                                                                                 More

My yoga novel "Ashram" draws on ancient wisdom and practice. "Yogi on Rishikesh" by Kike Pérez i Colomer.

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Kali 1700-1720, Pigments on papeer, Mandi, India. © Alexis Renard, photo Antoine Mercier

Kali, Mandi, Inde, Pigments sur papier, 21 x 17 cm © Alexis Renard…

Female Lion headed Dakini Singhamuka (Tibet Buddhism) #Majestic #Cosmic #puzzles

Female Lion headed Dakini Singhamuka (Tibet Buddhism) #Majestic #Cosmic #puzzles

Dhumavati - the widow goddess. One of the Mahavidyas, Dhumavati is the manifestation of everything deemed inauspicious in traditional Hinduism, forcing her devotees to look beyond the superficial. This is an early 20th century Rajput painting depicting the goddess riding a crow.

An early century Rajput painting depicting dark-complexioned Dhumavati wearing dark clothes and holding a winnowing basket.

Rudra (angriest version of Lord Shiva) - the one who is destroyer of all, mightiest of all and nemesis of evil. It's said in sanskrit scriptures of Hinduism that when this world reaches peak point of cruelty, evilness then lord rudra brings the "Pralay" to destroy everything.

Shiva aka Rudra - the god of destruction ( part of trinity)