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Wedding Cakes by The Fabulous Cake Company in Norwich. The Fabulous Cake Company specialise in innovative, and Contemporary Wedding Cakes, as well as Traditional and Vintage cake creations.

The spiral minaret of the Great Mosque of Samarra (also known as the Malwiya Minaret) in Samarra, Iraq. The word "malwiya" translates as "twisted" or "snail shell". The minaret is approximately 171 feet (52m or roughly 17 stories) tall.

Jonathan Glancey's passport to the planet

Great Mosque of Samarra, Iraq. The Great Mosque of Samarra is a century mosque located in Samarra, Iraq. The mosque was commissioned in 848 and completed in 851 by the Abbasid caliph Al-Mutawakkil who reigned (in Samarra) from 847 until

DIY: $2 Candle Holders - Great Dollar Store Craft - Could also be used for storing make-up brushes,  toothbrushes, etc. in bathroom

DIY: $2 Candle Holders

The 500 dollar wedding: Centerpiece Cents. One idea was to make small wedding cakes ( can make them different flavors & people can guess) and use them for center pieces.