Transform décor with this heartwarming canvas that decorates walls with a hint of rustic charm.

38 Easy DIY Photo and Picture Frame Crafts

Create a brand for yourself and your artwork Make sure what you're selling is consistent. People like when an artist has a "brand" that is unique to their style of artwork.

Homemade Canvas Art - poke lights through the tips! cool light art print or painting project for new year, christmas , bonfire night teens club , or school art project , great wall art gift make too

Canvas art is huge right now. If you have gone to the craft stores you will know that a blank canvas is quite expensive.

32 DIY Projects Made With Buttons

DIY Projects and Crafts Made With Buttons - Vibrant Button Tree On Canvas - Easy and Quick Projects You Can Make With Buttons - Cool and Creative Crafts, Sewing Ideas and Homemade Gifts for Women, Tee (Diy Ideas On A Budget)

Love this idea from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (episode original air date 03/03/2014). Canvas boards that family/friends painted displayed on wall.

From Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Canvas boards that family/friends painted displayed on wall. This is why I'm painting all these small canvases

50+ Awesome DIY Image Transfer Projects

Awesome DIY Image Transfer Projects Easy way to transfer ink from paper onto wood for a homemade sign with freezer paper. Want great ideas regarding arts and crafts?

DIY Photo Canvas That Looks Exactly Like The Real Thing

Make a DIY photo canvas that looks exactly like the real thing for way less. With real canvas texture and gallery wrapped edges.

How to Gesso a canvas

You can 19t expect to paint a masterpiece on untreated cloth. Here 19s how to gesso, or prime, a homemade canvas in a hurry. You will need gesso, water, a plastic mixing bowl, a drop cloth, fine grit sandpaper and a house paintbrush. Tip: some painters prefer to use a squeegee to apply gesso, instead of a brush. The edges of your canvas will drip a little, so use a smaller brush to work the excess gesso back into the sides.

Homemade Canvas Art - poke lights through the tips! I have to do this because I have this same fabric, hooray!