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"As I lay awake" Fun zodiac facts here! This is so true. Geminis constant movie in the head doesnt even let them have a quiet sleep

[REPOST] — Zodiac Gemini facts.

Its So true lol ok I know some people think this stuff is dumb, but this one is so ridiculously accurate about me that it's scary.

Gemini. My mind never shuts up. It's maddening sometimes...

It's our poker face. It's so hard for us to be honest about our true feelings, that we often mask it, even though our mind is running wild. It's bittersweet.

Pleasing a Gemini is easy, but irritating them is also just as easy if you don't watch your step

Fun facts about your sign here Personal note: Pleasing me is easy, irritating me is easy but I quickly get over it because life is too short.