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The Royal Mews & Carriage Collection

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"Armour for horse. A suit of armour was not only intended to protect its wearer from missiles, swords or hammer blows. A suit such as this drew attention to one’s social status, one’s fashion consciousness and, by virtue of its great cost, one’s wealth.

The black horse armor by Zoltán Koszta, via Behance

A unique mold design and custom workmanshipLeatherworkers work is completely hand-made

medieval war horse    this is my favorite find so far, it contrasts so well with the dark sheen of the statue

Douwe Blumberg, Warhorse 1 - Medieval bronze, x x Not strictly armour but very suggestive.

The Art Of The Witcher 3

The Art Of The Witcher 3

Skellige Horse Armor Set, Marta Dettlaff on ArtStation at…