Shikoku is a native, primitive Japanese breed of dog from Shikoku island that is similar to a Shiba Inu but larger.  Beautiful.

Shikoku by SaNNaS on deviantART. This breed goes back to medium-sized dogs that existed in Japan in ancient times. The Shikoku was bred as a hunting dog, mainly for hunting boar in the mountainous districts of Kochi Prefecture.

All About the Hungarian Puli - The Mop Dog--this dog is a hoot! @TennantTARDIS

Facts About the Hungarian Puli: The Mop Dog

This article is all about the Hungarian Puli, also known as the "mop dog." Totally adorable and a great guard dog, the Hungarian Puli breed is best for families who live in the countryside.

OMG I WANT HER  Sophie  American Staffordshire Terrier  Pit Bull Terrier Mix • Young • Female • Medium  Peace for Pits, Inc Villa Park, IL

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Corgle (Corgi + Beagle) | 19 Unusual Crossbreed Dogs That Prove Mutts Are The Ultimate Cute

Corgle (Corgi + Beagle)

This is gonna be my next dog.  I love these guys, with their long curly ears and big paddleboat feet!

Here are some things that I would love to get for my birthday. An English Springer Spaniel puppy. I am dying to buy a dog and have .

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5 Most affectionate dog breeds ♡ The American Eskimo Dog breed is affectionate, loyal, protective, friendly and intelligent dog breed.

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the best dog breed in the whole world. Australian Shepherds.  ozzie ozzie ozzie oy oy oy!

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