people quotes some people will hurt you and then act like you hurt them.

All of the pain, suffering and paranoia, is on you Rachel, you and you alone are responsible for all of the hate, grief and discontent

Hurt Quotes my biggest mistake is thinking that people care for me as much as i do for them

Hurt Quotes my biggest mistake is thinking that people care for me as much as i do for them

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So true of me . you get hurt enough times by people you learn to become indifferent, maybe even a bit callous toward people . it's not nice - but it's what pain does to people. It's what pain has done to me.

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And One Day, Your Name Didn't Make Me Smile Anymore. I thought about you today and I didn't want you. Thinking about you doesn't make me happy anymore. I don't feel the need to hear your voice anymore or see your face ever again.

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Definitely getting to this point; getting pulled back in only to be pushed away again - watching him destroy himself and I don't have the power to do anything

"That's what he made you believe" Alex's voice was rough. "My god, if only you knew how far past perfect you are."

Zero credit for the hundreds of times I've pulled on my mask and got through the day, looking after everyone else. Attacked for the fraction of a second the mask slipped and they could see the pain underneath. How selfish of me to have a feeling.

Pain changes people, it makes them trust less, overthink more, and shut people out. - Unknown,

So True. shutting out those that bring me pain. Phoenix Voyage is an educational multi-media production company dedicated to connecting socially responsible people and organizations all over the world.

I don't think he will ever know how he ripped my heart out when he tried to move on. I think he moved on a lot more than what he led me to believe. I still feel his guilt about the way he treated her... and others.

You taught me that love can be an amazing and beautiful thing, but you also taught me that love will keep you up all night crying softly to yourself wondering how much more pain someone can endure.

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i acted like it was no big deal when you broke it, but it rlly broke my heart. i acted like it was no big deal when u suddenly stopped, but it still bothers me. i acted i acted.

I hurt myself. I knew better when she lied the first time. I can't let it go on any longer

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