Ankle dog tag tattoo design idea

Awesome Dog Tag Tattoo Design Ideas to Choose From

First Initial (husband/wife/lover) - Madly in love with your husband/wife? Have someone in your life that means everything to you? Are they your constant inspiration in life and help you to keep moving further? Than why not get their name tattooed to your wrist! This first initial wrist tattoo is quite simple, yet could hold a ton of meaning depending on whose initial it is. Don’t forget the dainty heart for a little extra dash of femininity!

"C" initial tattoo with small heart on wrist - I really want a tattoo for Chloe.not on my wrist though probably on the back of my neck or ankle?

Matching Infiniti tattoos...maybe his name, for sure some kind of matching type thing

Our next tattoo Matching Infiniti tattoos. Greg will place my name in his and I'll put his name in mine.

Tattoo ideas for parents | Name and arrow tattoo on Yvonne V.

12 cool tattoo ideas for parents beyond a name on your back