Name Tattoo Ideas

Name tattoos are very popular for parents, couples and those we wish to honor. We highlight 50 unique name tattoos designs you're guaranteed to love.

A wedding band is a symbol of your knot, and if you want to highlight that your love is eternal, you can make amazing wedding ring tattoos instead of usual rings or to wear beneath them. There are lots and lots of ideas to realize!

Wedding date tattoos - Although they have wedding rings, they also had their wedding dates tattooed on their ring finger. Dates and numbers are just as important with names.

Lifeline tattoos will bep perfect way for me to declare my love and my life to my husband. He is the reason my heart still beats. He saved me...... From the worst tragedy possible; death at the hands of myself. Suicide by drugs. I owe him the breath in my lungs.

160+ Emotional Lifeline Tattoo That Will Speak Directly To Your Soul

On your eighteenth birthday, the day you are coupled, your partners name is tattooed onto your left elbow crease. There is a small tracking device hidden in this to ensure that you and your partner are never too far apart.