The thing about me is; I really do believe that I am beautiful!!!! I have 0 doubts about that... and if I ask somebody the question whether or not I am beautiful, it is only a chance for somebody to give me compliment... Yes I am really confident.

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Fill in the blank: I am wise. (this blank is never ending with positive adjectives. I cannot be described by one word. I am special. I AM GREAT! AM DOTT!

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LR:I am writing a book, doing online courses about marketing and being spritual af and working as waitress xD

I still struggle with this. "I am enough". But - "I can do better". Maybe the "but" changes to "and".

"You are allowed to be both a masterpiece and a work in progress simultaneously." - Yes, so true, we are always growing and changing and adapting - and you are right where you need to be.

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Women rise by lifting other women. Always compliment, appreciate & encourage your fellow women. We have enough on our plates already without being catty & trying to bring down each other.

I am enough, I have always been enough, I will always be enough.

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LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this!!!

Nothing in my life has come easy. But I am stronger because of it and I appreciate everything! Thank u God, u are my strength and becus of u ALL things have been and always will be possible!