I hate you.... a million peanut M&M's.... funny how I used to say I love you a million peanut M&M's...

I hate you. I never thought i would but I hate you more then anyone. Sometimes the person you loved the most becomes the cause for you to hate them the most.

The most powerful hate I have is for people I've love with my whole heart, an then ripped it to pieces

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It's been almost a year and I am pretty sure I have been I revocable changed... maybe he can with himself cause he never bothered to find out how it affected me.

Do you find peace with yourselfs. Can you both look into your souls And find iT okay that you both broke three peoples hearts And shatterd their dreams?

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the two are more the same than different - because if you hate someone it means you still care

I love/hate the high. I hate the low. I can love you one minute, & hate you the very next. it's a thin line.

the runner up is....the world and the first place award goes to...me

Yep thanks for the video that you sent to the "wrong person" the other day. Made me feel like shit more! I appreciate it.u had to stab me again and again.

ur life- hiding from me. You aren't really happy and sure that you made the right choice, are you? Well, I'm sure you haven't..your still being together is either a lack of character or alternative or it's opportunism- but surely not love.!! You can't convince me that it suddenly is big love.. Don't forget that I know too much..

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Don't hate you... Your just nothing to me... Nothing, and it feels so freeing to my soul. ❤️

Look, I Don’t Hate You (Live Life Happy)

Live Life Happy: Look, I don’t hate you. I don’t even not like you. I’m just done. Done with the hurt. Done with the waiting. Done with the wanting, the needing. No, I don’t hate you, I’m just done with you.


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I was rotting in that cage, then you came along and my heart suddenly ached for wanting of something more. I no was no longer content to sit behind those bars that were carved out for me so long ago. No, now I wanted out, I wanted to fight.