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I Heart Ice Cream Personal + Commercial Line Clip Art (Vector)

Ice cream watercolor//

Pretty Watercolor Prints from Kelly Ventura

As the icecreams have been done in watercolours it adds a lovely texture and effect to the print. The actual icecream also stands out on the page as the main focus of the print.

1 hard enamel pin 2mm thick Copper colored metal Custom logo stamped back Rubber…

1 hard enamel pin thick Copper colored metal Custom logo stamped back Rubber pin backing Enamel pins are stamped from metal and hand-filled with hard, durable resin glass. The metal is a beautiful, shiny copper color with a vibrant white and pink swirl.

Hi, this is a lapel pin that's about 1" x 0.5". It's golden around the edges and then the color parts are colored with enamel I guess. I don't have the vocabulary to explain all the details (because I'm ignorant about the whole process), but the pin is v good and it looks cool. It's got a rubber backing thing so it won't fall off your jacket or bag or hat or vest or whatever other beautiful thing you put it on. I designed and printed some cards at my house and put the pins on them by myself…

get it bc its ur aesthetic but also bc ur lactose intolerant u fuckin nerd