We have to go ice skating! Its so much fun, and jack is apparently really good at it.

I'm going ice skating! I found a completely frozen pond in Hogsmeade, made sure it was sturdy, and I'm going today! Anyone going to joing me?

Ice skating girls Delft, The Netherlands.      Reminds me of skating the creek by my Aunt's house - great adventure!

Ice skating girls Delft, The Netherlands. Reminds me of ice skating in Rhode Island down at the clam bake!

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Skating is dumb. I've always hated skating. I still hate skating.

Gracie Gold..my daughter & I couldn't figure out why we knew the name & face. turns out Gracie and her sister started skating in Springfield, MO. where my daughter also took lessons!!!

Portrait of Team USA Gracie Gold during USOC Media Summit photo shoot at Grand Summit Hotel.

5 Yoga Poses to Train Like a Champion.

Five prime yoga poses for skaters

5 Yoga Poses for Figure Skaters. You need balance on the ice! Figure skaters can use yoga exercises to help protect ankles and their stability, strengthen legs and improve core strength.