"Stellar" -Incubus  #howdoyoudoit

Love this song ~☆ STELLAR- incubus Meet me in outerspace we could spend the night watch the earth come up. I've grown tired of that place won't you come with me.

"I Miss You" Incubus

Don't like the font - but love the lyrics. I Miss You - Make Yourself Incubus

Dig-Incubus "We all have something that digs at us, at least we dig each other"

Dig Me Up From Under What Is Covering The Better Part Of Me

Lyrics of 'wish you were here' by Incubus

One of my absolute favourite moments live is the first time I saw this song live. And the black stage backdrop was lit up with stars at just the right moment.

so come outside and walk with me,  we'll try each other on if we fit. - Brandon Boyd

Gets to be on the James' board because the bestie an I will be seeing his band again later this month.

incubus lyrics - what a lovely song

"I suggest we learn to love ourselves before it's made illegal" Warning - Morning View Incubus.