Persian Bidjar rurg, 135cm x 218cm, ca 1920, Eli Peer Oriental Rugs

Bidjar is the name of a small Kurdish town in western Iran. (or Bidjar) Kurdish rugs are often called the Iron Rugs of Iran. The Bijar was a heavy, durable rug that has been very popular in the United Statesq

* Antique rug interior decor * Modern interior decor, modern living room with antique rugs! #interior

How To Decorate With Antique Oriental Rugs?

* Antique rug interior decor * Modern interior decor, modern living room with antique rugs - Persian rugs (carpets) Turkish Rugs, Indian rugs!

Vintage Circa 1900 Navajo American Indian Rug - Vintage and Antique Rugs on Ruby Lane #RubyLane

Vintage Circa 1900 Navajo American Indian Rug

Native American Indian rugs have a history that goes back tens of thousands of…

United Weavers Manhattan Tucson Light Green Rug achieves a balance between a traditional and contemporary rug.

Carpet with scrolling vines and blossoms, Mughal period (1526–1858), ca. 1650 Northern India or Pakistan, Kashmir or Lahore

met-islamic-art: “ Carpet with Scrolling Vines and Blossoms, Islamic Art Medium: Silk (warp and weft), pashmina wool (pile); asymmetrically knotted pile Bequest of Benjamin Altman, 1913 Metropolitan.

Hand woven southwestern rugs are beautifully designed for a cabin, Santa Fe style, rustic home, or anywhere you want to add great southwest style. Made with designs and patterns like traditional Navajo Indian rugs, southwestern rugs are hand woven with beautiful high quality wool. Choose from a wide selection of colors, designs and sizes, and sign up for our newsletter to receive exclusive discounts and coupons. Find more southwestern rugs and  home decor at www.missiondelrey....

If you enjoy the rustic appearance of a southwestern style, think about purchasing pre-mixed stucco to provide your walls an authentic feel. It isn't surprising.

navajo rug...GORG!

navajo rug- because we dont want to dance in bare feet on the dirty floor. or recline or lay down on the dirty floor.

17th Century Indian Mughal Rug, Nazmiyal Collection

This gorgeous large antique Century Mughal gallery carpet can be viewed in person at Nazmiyal Collection located in New York City.

Hand knotted Indian rug. 9'3"x 12'x 12' #NasserLuxuryRugs #Oushak

Hand knotted Indian rug. 9'3"x 12'

This rug with its enduring character and stunning Oushak pattern brings the artistry of a far away land to your living space.