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Infinity Symbol

Infinity Symbol Tattoos Picture Infinity symbol is the way to represent the idea of something that has no end. This symbol has been widely used by people in dif

Wanting to get a couple of different tattoos in honor of my boyfriend who passed away sept.  2013. He was my best friend,  my lover,  my soulmate.  We always had a little saying that was: I love you Forever and a Day.  To the moon and back.  To infinite and Beyond.  Always and forever.  Even though he isnt here physically,  death with never change my love for him.  We always used the infinity symbol.  So this, maybe put his and my initials in the design.  But especially love the idea of the…

Already have one infinity tattoo! But would definitely like another one.especially the birds, the three hearts or the double infinity!

Temporary tattoo infinity symbol 'Love Life'

Temporary tattoo infinity symbol 'Love Life'

This pretty 'Love Life' infinity symbol image makes a really pretty temporary tattoo! Perfect to put on your wrist for example!

infinity+symbol | infinity symbol with ‘memere’ and ’1.23′ to commemorate kate ...

tattooing like whoa

infinity with rose flower

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