I want to meet you guys so bad. I want to meet you and become best friends with you in real life

I want to meet my internet friends. I want so badly to become IRL best friends but I can't. I trust them more than my real-life friends sometimes.

I LOVE YOU GUYS!! Pinterest besties!! Follow me and comment if you want to be my bestie if u r not already.

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study boards/school boards are so nice to look through but school starts in less than a month so now they're stressing me out but calming me at the same time

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I need new internet friends so if anyone wants to start talking comment on this pin. Just look at my boards if you want to see if we have any common interests

Internet Friends Are The Bestest✌️ I will! I hope to all my lovely internet friends❤️ I was watching a video of tumblr best friends meeting and omg I cried. It was so cute. Lol love you all.

I feel like there is a huge difference between Internet friends and in person friends. They were internet friends and there best friends to this day. Internet friends are true friends

I have a great internet friend who is amazing & she's the best I do have a couple really great real life friends though

Why are you always on your computer?

I say I have more friends online than in 'real life' and people take it as a joke and laugh. But they don't understand that I mean it. And I am not ashamed. I feel like I can tell these people anything and can trust then no matter what to keep it secret. I may not live near them but I can honestly say I trust these people on the internet. And I love you all dearly. Thank you for ask the these moments of love and for simply making me smile when I think I won't ever be able to again. Thank you…

I say I have more friends online then in "real life" and it's true. I would rather spill my guts to them than to he people around me.