Funny Picture Dump Of The Day 40 Pics

Funny Picture Dump Of The Day 40 Pics. I love how this person isn't even standing in the sun.


A sense of doom awaits when you are not prepared for the beach. (look closely)

Mixed Girl Problems | My skin is lighter than my original tan skin in the winter then in the summer, my skin is darker. I hate summer sun.

Irish girls start snow white, then go to sickly but still alive white, then go to "Hey, look, I actually have a skin tone!

Irish girl sunbathing.

Everyone knows Irish girls don't sunbathe - we spontaneously combust if exposed to direct sunlight.

Another reason why we love Merlin. Sometimes I use an umbrella outside to do my homework so I don't get burnt!

Not only is this post of Colin Morgan referring to himself as a "pasty Irish boy" oddly amusing, but it demonstrates the dedication true actors put into their craft. (This was during the BBC show 'Merlin'.