Jackie Robinson - The first African-American to play in the Baseball major leagues, in He endured physical and verbal abuse on and off the field, showing remarkable courage, while helping pave the way for the civil rights movement - Brooklyn Dodgers

Jackie Robinson was the first African American man to ever set foot on a Major League Baseball field.

Jackie Robinson - first African American to play in the Major Leagues. Arguably the greatest baseball player of all time, but no question he was the most inspirational. He played 5 varsity sports in college at the division 1 level.

This is Jackie Robinson of the Brooklyn Dodgers. Jackie Robinson broke the Color Barrier in the MLB, becoming the first black player in history. He paved the way for many black players throughout the and today.

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Jackie Robinson steals home plate against Yogi Berra during Game 1 of the 1955 World Series on Sept. The Brooklyn Dodgers lost the game but went on to beat the New York Yankees in the series. Robinson broke the color barrier in the major leagues on April

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Jackie Robinson {A LEGEND!} - an American baseball player who, (in April of became the first African American to play in Major League Baseball. By he had won the National League Most Valuable Player Award.

In Robinson broke the baseball color line and became the first African American to play on a major sports team. Here are 42 facts to celebrate.

Jackie Robinson holds his son, Jackie Jr., as he sits with his wife Rachel on the front steps of their home in Jackie Jr. struggled with drug addiction as a young man and was killed, at just 24 years old, in a car accident in

Jack Roosevelt "Jackie" Robinson became the first black Major League Baseball player of the modern era. Robinson broke the baseball color line when he debuted with the Brooklyn Dodgers in

Jackie Robinson - Brooklyn Dodgers · Player that integrated Major League baseball. · National League Rookie of Year - 1947 · National League Most Valuable Player Award - 1949 · Six time selection to National League All-Star team

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Jackie Robinson took the field on April 1947 wearing a Brooklyn Dodger’s uniform and broke through baseball’s color line that had relegated African American players to the segregated Negro Leagues.