And THAT'S why bentos are so awesome ... you can't do that with regular food!

I can't eat it... Really....

Funny pictures about Amazing food creations. Oh, and cool pics about Amazing food creations. Also, Amazing food creations photos.

The Snack Poster: Illustrations to spread the love for authentic Japanese foods | RocketNews24

This Japanese snack poster will introduce the most classic Japanese snacks and street food you find in Japan. On this poster, there are 25 different Japanese snacks/street food illustrations.

winnie the pooh :)

Even More Food Art Pictures

Winnie the Pooh bento box made with rice, crab meat, hot dogs, seaweed and vegetables

Japanese food art

Cute Food For Kids – 13 Funny Examples

Japanes lunch Teddy bear bento box made with rice, hot dogs, seaweed and vegetables-----plz note how hotdog is used, as flower here