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青色の振袖 一覧 | 柴宗の振袖カタログ|豊田市 みよし市 安城市

青色の振袖 一覧 | 柴宗の振袖カタログ|豊田市 みよし市 安城市

Traditional Japanese Kimono (female). The style of this particular Kimono gives quite a regal feel which is something I should consider when looking at hierarchy of the characters within my animation. In addition, the colours are quite interesting as there is a large contrast between light and dark, which is also something I should think about.

Kimono and yukata are considered as Japanese traditional clothes! And they are weared in the special festival all a year! Japan in Spring Time wedding theme

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shiki-k: “Reposting just because its one of my favorite photoshoots. :D ”

shiki-k: “Reposting just because its one of my favorite photoshoots. :D ” Gina: "I think this is Yuzuru Hanyu!

JAPANESE EMBROIDERED GREEN SILK THEATER KIMONO. Worked with gold thread to depict crane decoration. - 74 in. high.

Japanese Embroidered Green Silk Theatre Kimono with Cranes worked in Gold Thread and lined with Red Silk .

UCHIKAKE the Another Wedding Kimono. This beautiful UCHIKAKE is usually brocaded or embroidered with the motif of congratulations such as cranes, pines, and a bounty of flowers. It is believed that UCHIKAKE started to be worn by the high-class samurai family women in the Muromachi era (1336–1573). During the Edo era (1603–1868), UCHIKAKE became a more common kimono for the high-class women like the oiran in Yoshiwara, and since then it has been recognized as a wedding kimono.

Uchikake ~ a highly formal kimono worn by a bride or at a stage performance. It is supposed to be worn outside the actual kimono (called kakeshita or kosode) and obi (sash), as a sort of coat.

Zuhair Murad F2011-12 HC Japanese Kimono inspired fashion

Défilé Zuhair Murad: Couture Hiver 2011-2012

Zuhair Murad HC Japanese Kimono inspired fashion Close fitted kimono inspiration for my style board