he looks handsome while laughing over here, but i remember when i first saw him laughing in Jimmy Falon- water fight show, i was like " Does this guy laugh as well?" and i was laughing alot because he looked stupid while laughing at that time. But now i am used to that goofy laugh

Jason Statham (Handsome Rob) from The Italian Job.He also plays Frank Martin from The Transporter.

Jason Statham is one very sexy man if I don't say so myself!!:-)!!;-)!!

Jason Statham would make a great Paul Butler

Jason Statham's 'Spy'

Jason Statham's 'Spy' Co-Star Melissa McCarthy Talks Awkward Sex Scene: Photo Jason Statham keeps it cool in aviator sunglasses while arriving at the Four Seasons Hotel on Saturday (May in Beverly Hills, Calif. The actor's…

Jason Statham - sexiness

Dictionary: the meaning of Jason Statham: perfect smile, perfect beard, perfect body, perfect man.