One of the best film adaptations of a musical, with fantastic performances by Ted Neeley and Carl Anderson.

A rock musical that came out This movie introduced Jesus to people who might not have known him.

Mostly I love this behind-the-scenes pic from Jesus Christ Superstar. I didn't really read the article.

Carl Anderson, Ted Neeley, and Yvonne Elliman portray Judas Iscariot, Jesus, and Mary Magdalene respectively in the 1973 musical "Jesus Christ Superstar".

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Photos from Ted Neeley (tedneeley_jcs) on Myspace

Ted Neeley and Yvonne Elliman in "Jesus Christ Superstar" (1973). COUNTRY: United States. DIRECTOR: Norman Jewison.

Mary Magdalene & Jesus Christ played by Ted Neeley & Yvonne Elliman in the musical Jesus Christ Superstar. Went with Laura Flower and Hugh Campbell, 1979

Publicity photo of American entertainers Yvonne Elliman and Ted Neeley promoting their roles in the 1973 feature film Jesus Christ Superstar

Yvonne Elliman (Mary Magdalene) and Ted Neely (Jesus) - Jesus Christ Superstar

Melanie C Interview - UK Arena Tour | Jesus Christ Superstar - YouTube

Melanie C Interview - UK Arena Tour | Jesus Christ Superstar - YouTube

Based on the Lloyd Webber/Rice musical (and the Bible) and adapted by Norman Jewison ("Fiddler on the Roof"). It's a countdown to crucifixion as Jesus walks the line between God and man.

Film version of the musical stage play, presenting the last few weeks of christ's. Jesus christ superstar movie stills. Ted neeley has played the role of jesus in jesus christ superstar thousands of.