John F. Kennedy Jr. Was So Dreamy, He Made Questionable Trends Look Cool

10 Photos To Remind You How Dreamy JFK Jr. Was

John Kennedy Jr
Carolyn Bessette and John Kennedy, Jr., during their wedding ceremony. Cumberland Island, GA, September 1996.

The Kennedy Family Wedding Photographer Shares His Most Iconic Images

The ultimate classy looking guy - sexy and classy...john kennedy jr
JFK Jr. An incredibly handsome man. Another Kennedy gone too soon and in tragic circumstances.
John F. Kennedy Jr., "America's Prince", pray for us John, that we can carry on the tradition of being brave & free in this land of the U.S.A. despite the Government and narrow minded fearful people's attempts to stifle us.
John F. Kennedy Jr. during Labor Day

The Kennedy Family At Play

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JFK, Jr.
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