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Ah! Mrs Palmer & her five daughters again...

"When 3 people have sex, it's called a threesome. When 2 people have sex, it's called a twosome. Now I understand why they call you HANDSOME.

OMG - I knew Mario was responsible for all the ill of the world!!

Dis is da book of updates and random stuff, and also tagging thingies… Random

Learn Chinese In 5 Minutes ........OMG.....

Learn chinese in 5 minutes. Chinese, time to learn it. Learn Chinese in 5 minutes You MUST read them aloud) That' s not right Sum Ting Wong Are you harboring a KUK

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Carnival Cruise Lines, left New Orleans and hit Jamaica, Grand Cayman, and Cozumel, before heading back to the Cres.

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I don't usually block people but it just happened . It's humor, if you don't like something. Keep scrolling. My sarcasm isn't for everyone I know this but I do try .

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Telling jokes along with your real life stories is a best way to grip the other’s attention. To crack a joke according to the situation is little bit difficult.

I Feel So Bad For This Cow... But I Also Can Not Stop Laughing... It's so True. ♡ Too Funny.

having a bad day, people having a worse day than you, sometimes it's just not your day, funny picture dumps

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