Ostern Aktivitäten

Ostern Aktivitäten


Adorable Duck Finger Puppets These duck finger puppets are simple to make and are a great spring kids craft. Visit a local pond to feed the ducks and then come home and make a cute duck craft. If you really like arts and crafts you will enjoy our site!

Kids Craft - DIY Paper bag animal mask project, paper bags from stores reused to create fun masks, great photo booth opportunity with friends

Inspiring projects to make out of cardboard....all you need is a little imagination!

20 brilliant ideas to recycle cardboard into something creative and useful

Christmas-Craft idea-There's a monster in your cereal box! How to make fun monster jaws from cereal boxes - easy kids craft activity.

This is my dramatic play area for the month, A Penguin Expedition in Antarctica . Of course I know it is unrealistic to camp out in A...

"play campfire: build in classroom and have kids sit around and share out stories they have written. Could even have s'mores." I like this idea for singing campfire songs in the classroom :)

Letter X Clown

Letter X Clown

These adorable Clown letters are designed in Italy by our friends at Sevi (Est. one of the world's oldest makers of wooden toys.

Fun Craft Project for Kids with Egg Cartons | Random Recycling: Healthy Living for Modern Families

Fun Craft Project for Kids with Egg Cartons

Easy Egg Carton Crafts for Kids - Sassy Dealz Kids Craft, Easy Egg Carton Turned into Masks via Sassy Dealz If you enjoy arts and crafts you will love this cool website!